Frequently Asked Questions

Turkish Carpet FAQs

Our carpets are made in different areas in Turkey.

We use wool ,cotton and silk material on our carpets.

We have mostly naturel colors on our carpets except silk carpet becouse silk can not have a naturel color.

We will help you to find a rigth carpet after you request wich tipe carpet,what colors and what size you may like.We will send you alot of pictures sample and we will give you an information abouth the material , manufactoring quality and value per sqr feet also.

You can pay by money order,you can pay by banking transfer and you can pay by personal check or you can pay when you recive your order (C.O.D)

We give you satisfaction guaranty for all your order. We will help you return yor order also not extra fee .You have to repacket and just give back to the guy who brings it to you.

You do not pay any penny extra becouse the order will come to you after clear customs formalities for all contries. You only pay  the value of your order.

You do not pay any for shipping becouse we do not charge you any extra.

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