Hereke is a coastal town 60 kilometers from Istanbul on the bay of Izmit. A weaving workshop was established in 1843 by Sultan Abdülmecid I. Initially, the manufactory produced exclusively for the Ottoman court, which commissioned carpets for the Dolmabahce Palace.

Carpet production began in Hereke in 1891 and expert carpet weavers were brought in from the carpet weaving centers of Sivas, Manisa and Ladik. Hereke carpets are known primarily for their fine weave. Silk thread or fine wool yarn and occasionally gold, silver and cotton thread are used in their production.

Hereke court carpets contain a wide variety of colours and designs. The medallion designs of earlier Ushak carpets was widely used at the Hereke factory. Once referring solely to carpets woven at Hereke, the term “Hereke carpet” is now used as a trade name for any high quality carpet woven with similar design

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